Above all, get your self.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

It seems like everything that is around us is about identity. The past 12 years.

Obama was about the identity of black folk.

Trump was about the identity of white folk.

Obama was about the response of white folk to the identities of people of color.

Trump is about the identity of white folk in relationship to the identities of people of color.

The people of power reassessing their power. Or the Lord bringing them to the crisis point of having to do so.

And all of this “identity stuff” is tied up into one major identity: the identity of this nation.

White folks forgetting their own identity as immigrants. Internalized shame? Mystified shame? …don’t see it because you will have to admit that you were once “low” on the social hierarchy?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

What is wrong with where you came from?

What is wrong with sharing an experience with people from other socio-economic statuses, rich or poor?

Identify with the poor only when it is convenient.

Identify with the rich when there is something you want or aspire to—wealth.

How about identifying yourself as who you are, good and bad?  How about seeing others the same—and being able to look at them with grace and mercy because you have also seen the bad in yourself?

What would you lose by doing that? Power.

Power that poses. Power that postures. Power that lies. Power that shows strength, exerts strength, but, essentially, has very little strength because it lacks truth.

He who loves his life must lose it.

And then, you will really find it.

John 12:25

On a Day in 2020

The world ruled

            by bitter, bitter men

Who never got over

            the one who rejected them

The Mexican maid

“Surely, I am something

 to her”

            You are


                                    of many things,

all           which converge on one word.